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How to login into Netgear Wireless Extender


Netgear wireless Wi-Fi extender is the device which is designed to expand or boost the wifi signal. Netgear Wireless extender turns your ‘dead zones’ into ‘fun zones.’ They help you keep your mobile devices, media players and computers connected to Wi-Fi with a reliable connection. It expands coverage in every corner of the house. Netgear wireless extender fixes the internet connectivity issue that you are facing in your devices like- phone, tablet or voice console wireless systems.

The purpose of Netgear wireless wifi extender is to produce wireless access to digital content.  It improves wireless signal strength. The following blog provides instructions on how to login into Netgear wireless extender in the nick of time.

How to connect the Netgear wireless wifi extender?

Follow the steps given below to login into Netgear wireless wifi extender:

  • By using Ethernet cable, connect your computer with your Netgear wireless wifi extender.
  • Open any browser and log in to the web user interface of Netgear wifi extender using the default IP Address 192. 168. 1. 2.
  • netgear-setup
  • Now, you will be prompted to enter a username and password.Default username: adminDefault Password:  admin
  • Click ‘Enter.’ You are now logged into the Netgear wireless wifi extender. In here you can change the settings of your Netgear extender.
  • You can now follow the setup wizard to set up your connection to your router.
  • Finally, reconnect your Wi-Fi devices to the Netgear wireless Wi-Fi extender.

How to improve Netgear wireless Extender Performance?

To improve the Netgear wireless extender performance-

  • Move your Netgear Wireless Extender closer to the router or to different with a better line of sight.

When to use the Netgear Wireless Extender Network?

Netgear recommends that you should connect to the Extender wireless network only when a wireless device or PC is in a ‘Dead Zone’ or where the network connection to your existing router is negligible or very poor.  

Note:  if you are unable to connect from your wireless device to the Netgear extender, try moving the extender to a different direction halfway between the router and the device. If after trying several different locations, the device still cannot connect to the extender, move the Netgear extender closer to the device.

Frequently asked questions

Question- What is the default password and username to log in to the Netgear extender’s settings page?

Answer- You can use the following default credentials

Username: admin

Password: admin/ password

Question- What is Netgear genie?

Answer- It is a page of Netgear Wireless extender where you can make any changes such as changing the SSID, resetting the password, or upgrading the new firmware etc.

Question- How do I set my Netgear extender to factory defaults?

Answer- insert a paper clip into reset button located on the back of the extender and hold it for few seconds until the extender status LED flashes in amber.

We tried to cover almost everything regarding how to login into Netgear wireless extender in this blog. In case there is something we missed or you face any issue, feel free to call our technical team which is available 24*7 or mail us at_

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